Our Worship

At Faith Community Church we understand that there are many worship styles and ways of expressing our individual love for Christ our Lord. For some, music is the conduit for heart-felt praise.

For others, hands outstretched, Heaven-bound seem the ideal way to receive God’s warm loving embrace. Some look upward. Some look inward. Some look to a pastor to offer insights and lessons to take away and ponder for a week or two or a lifetime.

Others kneel in humble devotion.

Others paint prayers with skylike colors, nature’s hues and and images of faces seeking healing, seeking love, seeking God.

Some worship in silence. Some offer praises and prayers with words spoken with earth shattering conviction so loud and strong it can move mountains.

Families side by side. Neighbors holding hands. Tears. Laughter. Giggles of children learning parables, playing FROG glames in the Lillypad pond in classrooms upstairs.

And Praise! Praise! Praise so loud the windows rattle and every living thing is awake, attentive, alive with the sound of joy.

The sound of faith.

At Faith Community, we believe all of these are excellent, welcome forms of worship. Our services combine all of the above.

We begin with a time of fellowship, then a call to worship, songs of praise and a chance for members to share with their prayer requests and their prayers. We hear from elders and pastors. We take communion weekly with everyone welcome at God’s table. We listen to a message from one (or more) of the pastors which are sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes inspiring, sometimes funny, sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, always full of God’s love and His Word. Then, we sing some more. And, always there are hugs.

We are eager to add your distinct form of worship to our Sundays. Share with us how God shares his love with you and how you show God you’re listening.

Not sure?

Let us take your hand. We’ll journey together.