Sunday Morning Hospitality

Without knowing any better you may just see it as a simple continental breakfast or snack bar that is available before the church service.  But it may be one of the most important aspects of our Sunday morning.  How’s that you ask? I will give you three ways in which it is important…

First, food has always been a conduit for people coming together.  Maybe it wasn’t the reason they came together, but it has always been offered when they did.  I don’t know why, but it has been.  Maybe because it gives us something to do.  Maybe it distracts us.  Maybe it just tastes good.  Regardless, when food is present among gathered people conversations, laughter and stories begin to be shared among those present.

Second, hospitality is the welcoming of others to come into a space and be themselves while you tend to their needs. In the Old Testament hospitality to strangers was among the greatest commandments of all.  You could break the Sabbath if the need for welcoming the stranger presented itself. We all need that, the feeling of being seen and welcomed into the space as one who belongs among and with others.

If you put the first two together you begin to form the final piece…community.  Community means a fellowship of shared purpose or feeling.  It’s in our name, it’s who we are.  We are a group gathered for the purpose of welcoming all who are interested in discovering more about God, life, faith, the world around us, and of course, ourselves.

By you volunteering to be a part of our Sunday Morning Hospitality and Refreshments you are helping to create a conduit for all those who gather to be welcomed and prepared for our time as we engage God’s story, Our story, and the story of others who are there.

So see it’s much more than snacks, juice and coffee.  It’s what exemplifies all of who we are and why we have chosen to be here together on Sunday mornings, as opposed to countless other places we could be.

Here’s How to Volunteer to Host Sunday Morning Hospitality and Refreshments:

  • Find a date that works for you
  • Sign-up on that Sunday on the sign-up sheet or on Volunteer Spot through our website (If you’d like some assistance, invite a board member or another Faith Family to join you.)
  • Buy and/or make what you would like to serve.  The choice is all yours (We have the coffee service, paper products and cups – you provide everything else).  Plan for about 50 people.  Some ideas of things to serve include: donuts, coffee bread, fresh fruit, breakfast casserole, breakfast bars, milk, chocolate milk, juice, etc.
  • On the date you selected arrive around 9:30am to prepare and set out what you have to offer by 10am.
  • Clean-up the kitchen at 10:30am

If you would like to volunteer to bring a snack click the Volunteer Spot button below.


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