Our Story

Faith Community began in 1998 by a small but devoted group of believers who were committed to “walking by faith.

While by the cultural standard we would be called a non-denominational church – a better term might be multi-denominational church. We are a body of people who come from various faith backgrounds. These backgrounds have helped us to understand and relate to God. We uphold the statements of the Apostle’s Creed, understanding that the truth and wisdom of these statements are as wide as they are deep. See the note, “What Does This Church Believe” for a more in depth explanation of what our church believes.

Early in the life of the church, we used to have the tag line, “Casual in style, serious in service.” This was to communicate with those who did not know us that we held a come as you are policy. Come as you are in whatever physical, mental, spiritual, financial, medical, etc. state you are in – we would open our doors, our arms, our hearts and our lives to you.

While we have since moved away from the phrase, we still stress the importance of accepting and loving all of God’s people where they are, as they are. So come as you are, but know that our casual approach is not sign of us sitting back and letting God work – NO WAY! The second part of that phrase, “…serious in service!” carries its weight too. We believe we were created to be partners with God in his work in the world, and everyone has a part to play. There are no wallflowers here. Come and join us as we join God in bringing his kingdom to this world, and into people’s lives.


What do you believe, think or wonder about?