Lenten Jesus Tree


Journey to the Cross

Jesus Tree: Journey to the Cross with Jesus Through Lent

During Advent we offered the “Jesse Tree” that took you on a journey from Creation to the Christ. For Lent, we will be offering you the “Journey to the Cross.” These daily readings will begin with Christ’s birth and walk you through Jesus’ life to his eventual persecution, death, and resurrection. Below is a harmony of the gospels as you read through the story of Jesus and his life.

For each day we have also included a suggested symbol that you may choose to recreate to help visually guide you and your family through this season of Lent. Here are some ideas on how to display….
  • Glue a magnet or a thumb tack to the back.  Use with a Lent calendar or create a design, using scrapbook paper in the shape of tree or road.
  • Hang from a tree, branch, wreath, or garland—glue a ribbon or a jewelry bail finding to the back for hanging.
  • Use a simple table runner, or place sand from the craft store onto a tray and use the symbols to make a path to the cross, or a spiral shape.

Week 1:

Day 1, February 10th- Ash Wednesday

Day 2, February 11th- Jesus Growing Up

Day 3, February 12th- Baptism by John 

Day 4, February 13th- Temptation in the Desert 

Week 2:

Day 1, February 14th- Miracle at Cana

Day 2, February 15th- Great Catch of Fish 

Day 3, February 16th- Call of Disciples 

Day 4, February 17th- Beautitudes

Day 5, February 18th- Widow’s Son

Day 6, February 19th- Good Samaritan

Day 7, February 20th- Mary and Martha

Week 3:

Day 1, February 21st- The Lord’s Prayer

Day 2, February 22nd- Woman at the Well

Day 3, February 23rd- The Centurion’s Servant

Day 4, February 24th- Calming the Storm

Day 5, February 25th- Healing the Paralyzed

Day 6, February 26th- Raising of Jairus’ Daughter

Day 7, February 27th- Healing

Week 4

Day 1, February 28th- Healing at the Pool 

Day 2, February 29th- Withered Hand

Day 3, March 1st- Feeding Crowds

Day 4, March 2nd- Walks on Water

Day 5, March 3rd- Keys to Heaven

Day 6, March 4th- Transfiguration

Day 7, March 5th- The Little Children

Week 5

Day 1, March 6th- Good Shepherd

Day 2, March 7th- Prodigal Son

Day 3, March 8th- Rich Man and Lazarus

Day 4, March 9th- 10 Lepers

Day 5, March 10th- Young, Rich Man

Day 6, March 11th- Cast the First Stone

Day 7, March 12th- Healing Blind, Near Jericho

Week 6

Day 1, March 13th- Lazarus

Day 2, March 14th- Zacchaeus

Day 3, March 15th- Palm Sunday – Entry into Jerusalem

Day 4, March 16th- Render Unto Caesar….

Day 5, March 17th- Widow’s Mite

Day 6, March 18th- Anointing of Jesus

Day 7, March 19th- Bargain of Judas

Week 7

Day 1, March 20th- Washing of Feet

Day 2, March 21st- Last Supper

Day 3, March 22nd-Garden and Betrayal

Day 4, March 23rd-Denial

Day 5, March 24th- Crowned

Day 6, March 25th-Crucifixion

Day 7, March 26th- Burial of Jesus

Week 8

Day 1, March 27th- Hallelujah! He is Risen!

Day 2, March 28th- Appearance in the Garden

Day 3, March 29th- Road to Emmaus