CCWM: Jamaica

For them it isn’t a Sandals, or a Beaches, or any other resort located on their coasts. For Jamaicans that live in the mountains, away from the coast, the revenue that comes to the island from tourism doesn’t flow up hill to their neighborhoods and communities. And with the current global economic crises, and resources to countries affected by natural disasters,the economic stability of Jamaica is important and essential.


We are excited about the opportunities and the challenges that lie before us, and we want to share those with others who may be interested in seeing what lies beyond the resorts, and tourist hot-spots on this beautiful island.Faith’s Jamaican ministry is a partnership between the women of Jamaica & the women at Faith. Several products have been developed that can be made by the women in Jamaica & then sold by our women to give a little financial support to the women at Golden Grove, Jamaica. Many of these women are single moms with no jobs & no way to support their children.



All proceeds from the sale of these products go back to these mothers. The first & most profitable item developed was the Jamaican bamboo/whiss cross. It all started with a hike up the mountain & through the bush with machetes in hand. We cut down bamboo, vines & anything with which we thought we might be able to create a product. After dinner one evening, We sat around the table & tried to decide what we could make from the items we had collected. There was a lot of trial & error but we finally  came up with a 12 inch cross made of bamboo & loosely wrapped with a vine called whiss. The next challenge was to set up a production line with the women Christ Community Church, Jamaica to produce these crosses. The women were so eager to learn the process & caught on in no time. After these are brought to the Faith Community Church & dried, they are sprayed with a glossy wood tone & are ready for sale. On a later trip to visit Golden Grove, a smaller version – about 3 inches – was developed.

Since the development of the cross, we have produced note cards with envelopes featuring pictures of the scenes & faces of Jamaica. The beautiful faces of some of the children & the lush tropical foliage & flowers grace the fronts of these cards. The women are now also making flower pins for women in the US to wear on their coats & jackets.

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