Godly Play Update


During the Month of October in Godly Play continued with Three stories from the New Testament, and then a response week.  We added Acts and Romans to the Matthew Mark Luke and John, as we continue to memorize the order of the books of the New Testament.
  • October 4 Suzi told the story of “Jesus and the Storm” When Jesus and the disciples were on the boat when a storm arose and Jesus calmed the waves.
  • October 11 Liz told the story “Jesus Calls the 12” Where Jesus asked each of the disciples to come follow Him.
  • October 18 Sarah told the story of “The Transfiguration of Jesus” where Jesus went up onto a high mountain and the disciples saw two others with him.
  • October 25 was a response week with Ross and Suzi.
Plan for the November

Date                       Calendar                               Lesson                                              Bible Books  Storyteller/Greeter

November 1
Following Jesus Lesson 18 Most Important Commandment
I Corinthians, II Corinthians, Galations, Ephesians
Mike, Jennifer
November 8
Following Jesus Lesson 19 The Gift of the Poor Widow
Darla, Lis
November 15
Following Jesus Lesson 25 Jesus Appears to Thomas
Sam, Ross
November 22
Ebeneezer Service
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