Godly Play

Our Play is SERIOUS Business.

Godly Play is rooted in story, wonder, liturgy, discovery and joy as children seek and find the mystery of God’s presence. Godly Play uses a careful telling of scripture stories, engaging objects, symbols and silence to encourage children to seek and find answers to their faith questions. Godly Play respects the innate spirituality of children and encourages curiosity and imagination in experiencing the mystery and joy of God.

The most important thing we teach in a worship-education center is how Christian people live and work together in community. Many parents who have children in the Godly Play program find that their children will begin to retell Bible stories-often in the car on the way home from church. Parents also report that their children “wonder” aloud at various times during the week about the meaning of the Bible stories they heard on Sunday. This is a wonderful entry into on-going faith conversations within families.

The Godly Play room contains shelves full of objects for the children to use-objects that make the images of our religious language come alive. In most churches using Godly Play, it is customary for the children and story teller to sit in a circle on the floor, literally surrounded by our religious language system. The multi-sensory materials used to help in telling the Bible story of the day can then be placed in the center of the circle, symbolizing the fact that God can be present and accessible to everyone-both the students and the teacher. Working in a circle also helps us emphasize many aspects of being together in a Christian community.

The worship-education center holds a variety of art supplies for the children to use as they respond to the stories they hear. Because each child may be wrestling with different existential issues, each student will bring a different perspective and a different response to the Bible stories told in class. Some student may want to work with one Bible story for several weeks.

Parents are welcome to join their children in the Godly Play experience. Come sit in the circle and play with God in the stories of the lives of hundreds of people, that have been told over thousands of years!