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PARSE / Teach the Bloody Bible

You don’t have to read Richard Dawkins anymore to encounter objections to the Christian faith. Just log onto Facebook or Twitter. Many of the objections center on the “problem passages” of Scripture, those stories where God seems capricious or cruel: the Genesis flood, the Canaanite genocide, Levitical laws, Sodom and Gomorrah, Ananias and Sapphira…

Pastor Dan Kimball recounts:

I received a series of emails from a guy named Brad, asking about blood sacrifice and the strange things in Leviticus. One of his questions: “Why does the Bible say a woman has to marry her rapist?”

I’d try to answer him, but then I’d get another question from him almost instantly. Finally I wrote, “Brad, can we meet?” So after a service one Sunday, this kid approaches me, and introduces himself as Brad. I couldn’t believe it. He was in eighth grade! I asked him, “Where are you getting these questions?” He told me it was a website: He was just copying the questions on this website and sending them to me.

Read the rest of Teach the Bloody Bible, an interview with Joshua Ryan Butler and Dan Kimball about why teaching the strange and disturbing stories in Scripture (and doing it well!) is essential.

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