New Moses

Jesus’ birth changed the story of the world. It’s what we wait for both now, but also in the full restoration of the new earth and new heaven that will come at the Advent of Christ’s return. The Jesse Tree stories remind us of the prophetic (truth telling not fortune telling) voice and promises of the Old Testament that prepare the way for Jesus’ birth.

The Jesse Tree stories from the first week of Advent spoke of new beginnings, new relationships, new promises concerning the way God would work, move, and relate in this world. The second week of Jesse Tree stories will speak about specific relationships that become conduits of God’s hope and promises offered to the world.

Yesterday we focused our attention on Moses and how Jesus is presented as the New Moses in Matthew’s Gospel. You can read a brief comparison of their stories here. Additionally, you can watch the videos by The Bible Project that show how the Gospel of Matthew is told specifically to recall the story of Moses. Here is Part 1 and Part 2.

  • Have you heard about Jesus being the New Moses before?
  • What sticks out to you in the comparison of between Moses’ and Jesus’ life?
  • Is his message more compelling or more difficult to hear? Why?
  • What hope does the New Moses offer?

May you have eyes and ears to watch expectantly for new ways to see Jesus in your day and in the world around you.

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