Exodus 19:18-25 and Exodus 20:1-17

Hold up your hands and wiggle your fingers and yes that all God’s gave us — just 10 commandments to keep — as many as we have fingers. That is all. Wouldn’t you think we could keep just ten commandments?

But no, the poison of that sin that we first contracted in the Garden of Eden, it courses through our thoughts and our hearts and our desires and it makes it impossible for us to keep even one of God’s commandments. And if we break even one of the commandments, even just once, God, perfect and holy and pure, He considers that we have broken all of the commandments — which breaks His heart. And our relationship with Him.

God knew we could never keep these ten commandments but He gave these ten to us, ten perfect gifts of pure holiness, given for our best happiness, for He knew that they would be like a kind teacher for us, each commandment teaching us how much we need Jesus. Jesus to help us, Jesus to cleanse us from our sins, Jesus who is like a Moses to us, more, who stands between God and the people, to be the actual Word of the Lord, that we may never be afraid again in our approaching God.

Right into stone, God wrote the law of ten commandments and Jesus came and wrote our names right on His hands, (Isa. 49:19) to free us from the law and save us by grace.

It’s those 10 commandments that drive us into the two open arms of Christ.

Lord God, You gave the law to be our tutor, to bring us to Christ. Oh, what if there were only Law and You had never come? Thank you for our names engraved on Your hands.


Ann Voskamp’s Jesse Tree Journey

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