Matthew 1:18-25

Joseph’s a man in the royal line of David and he’s a carpenter, a builder, a man who carries a hammer and nails and builds shelters and restores the broken down. And in the night while he sleeps, an angel comes to speak to him in a dream, because it’s when we still and wait quiet that we’re most likely to hear God whispering “This is the Way.”

“Take Mary as your wife,” the angel assures Joseph, because “she will give birth to a son, and you will name him Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.”

The angel announces Jesus as our Savior but we each need still accept Him as our Savior, and He is only Jesus who saves us because He is God who is with us — only God alone can save man.

Jesus, son of the hammering man, he alone brought God and man together in one, that God might be with us and we might be with God and in Jesus all the happiness of our Garden beginning begins again because and we are friends again with God.

God our friend! God not in shadows, God not in smoke, but holy God in human skin and in the dark cloud over tablets of law, He was God against us, but now by the light of Grace star over Bethlehem, He is God with us.

Because the carpenter’s son will take the nail and a tree made into a cross, and He will rebuild us and restore us and all we who are broken down will find shelter in grace and make the heart of God home.

No wonder this time of year we all haul trees into our homes…

Lord God, restore the broken places in our home today, in our country and this world. Build us strong in You.

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