Genesis 37:1-36

Joseph might have been annoying when he told his brothers about the dreams he had. But he certainly didn’t deserve to be thrown into a pit or sold into slavery. His brothers let their jealousy get the best of them. Even Reuben, who didn’t want to kill Joseph, wasn’t brave enough to stand up and defend him right then and there. Reuben decided he would go back to the pit later and rescue Joseph, but by then it was too late. Joseph had already been taken as a slave.

The good thing is that Jesus knows all about being at the bottom of a dark pit when you don’t deserve it. He knows about being betrayed by the people closest to him. But he still loves people like Joseph’s brothers. He still loves people like us who make mistakes and do things we shouldn’t. He forgives us and welcomes us back.

Talk about:

Right now, do you feel more like Joseph or his brothers?

Prayer: God, bring light to people who are in a pit and forgive the people who have thrown them in there.

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