Genesis 21:1-7 and Genesis 22:1-14

The promise-keeping God who let’s no word of His fall to the ground forgotten, He does everything in perfect time, and He sends a son to Abraham and Sarah, the couple renamed father and mother of many nations, giving them a son, just as He promised. And they name him exactly what God tells them to the babe: Isaac, laughter.

The impossible! The old people rock a cradle and they rock with laughter! Abraham, he laughs for joy (17:17), and Sarah, she laughs relief, and we who hear the story, we laugh too, for who would have thought that God would make this improbable impossible happen too? That God would send a promised child, a King, to be born in a barn feed trough! That He’d would crush Satan by laying out His own hand for a nail! That the babe born under a star in Bethlehem would make us laugh wonder at amazing grace made into flesh and forever love and sets us free!

God has made us the happiest people, and all the world sings: fa-la-la-la-la, la, la, la, la.

Lord God, we can laugh at the impossible, that You gave us Your son. Thank you forgiving us Jesus and making us the happiest, most joy-filled people of all!

So Abraham and his son went on together

“Take your only son,” says God “Take your Isaac, the only true son of yours, the son whom you love, and do you love me more?” says the God who did not take but gave the Greatest Gift of His Son, His only begotten son, the son whom He loved. And again, Abraham who left his country without a map but with a heart directed towards God, he rises first thing the next morning, and without hesitation, he heads towards Moriah.

And Isaac carries the wood, like Jesus would one day carry the Cross, and the son lies down on the altar, the boy named laughter now still, and again God keeps His word and God provides a lamb. Isn’t that the gift we always need?

The promised Christmas Child who is the lamb sacrificed instead of us, and this Mount Moriah of Isaac’s sacrifice, which would later the building ground of God’s temple, which would one day be in sight of Jesus’ Cross, it’s renamed the place the Lord Provides, Jehovah-Jireh.

Ours is the God who always provides a ram in the thicket, and whatever we need today, whatever is for our best, that even today the people might say, “The Father who tenderly loves His children provides us with grace upon grace, love upon love, gift upon extravagant gift.”

Even His own Son.

Lord Jesus, Abraham called that place, “The Lord will Provide.” And we call this moment in time, “The Lord has Provided”. Provision for our salvation has been made—because love made You come.


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