Habakkuk 1.1-2.1

All Advent we stand at the top of a Jesse Tree, looking like Zaccheus, looking for our Jesus, looking like a watchman, waiting for our God.

And could we say that if the Christmas tree had no gifts and there were no grapes on our plates or chocolate in our stockings, though there may be no food in our fridge nor vacation in our future, though we be stripped of everything we have in all this glittery world, but would we still be glad in the Lord?

If all we have were gone, our God is not gone, and is God really enough?

If all we could claim in this world was only Christ, would having Jesus make us happy — or do we have hearts set on having more? Is the Lord — or our luxuries — our strength?

If we lose everything we’ve ever owned and our home is laid low to the ground, could we say that real foundation of our joy is never in stuff, but always in our Savior?

When we have much, may we enjoy God everything, and when we have little, may we enjoy God everything, and Jesus is with the poor so why would we want to be any different?

The love of Jesus alone delights us and we peer off our Jesse Tree like a watchman leaning off the peak of a tower, looking for the only One in all this world who matters, who will carry us out of this world and into the next world which is the only that matters.

Lord Jesus, may we care little for the things of this world but may we run to the very heights, anxious for the coming of You who everything to us and more than enough…Forever.


Ann Voskamp’s Jesse Tree Journey

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