1 Kings 18:17-39

Four times they drench the altar with water, pouring twelve barrels of water over wood and the twelve stones for twelve tribes, till all the timber’s soaked. Not exactly the way you’d think to prepare a fire. But our God is a holy fire and he forks the sky with lightning and ignites the sun into flame and our God, He answers with fire and drops fireballs straight out of heaven and the waterlogged altar bursts into fire and this is not a flame like earth’s but the white heat of heaven and those twelve stones of the altar are now but the flakes of papery ashes. Our God is the Lord God!

And God will do it again, He’ll light the sky again with a starry fire over a Bethlehem barn and all wise men will make their choice and turn their hearts to the one true God and follow Him.

And there is yet a day still coming in our future when the sky will combust with the glory of God and Christ will come again all ablaze in the sky with all His mighty angels (2 Thess. 1:7) and all the world will fall to the ground and murmur worship: “The Lord — he is God, the Lord — he is God and He is Here!”

Wise men are always worshipping, men and women, boys and girls, who keep their eyes turned towards the heaven for the blazing glory of God to come down… sometimes even a gift of baby come down from the Father of heavenly lights can make our hearts burn with love.

Lord God, You alone are God. Ignite our hearts!


Ann Voskamp’s Jesse Tree Journey

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