Genesis 3:1-21

We’re only two chapters in. And the whole story falls apart.

The curtain has just opened, the first man and woman have only stepped onto the stage of creation, their first lines hardly out of their God-breathed mouths, and already the story’s an almost impossible mess with this, perhaps the very saddest story in all the Bible.

It is the part of our history referred to as The Fall — when we swallowed the fruit of sin and stumbled away from God. Tempted by that snake flashing scales of deception, Adam and Eve ate of the tree God had forbidden. The juice of the fruit barely on their tongues,they could taste it: the sourness of death. Their bones shivered cold. They drew up fig leaves to hide their shame. And they knelt low to hide from God. And then it came, not in the beating noonday heat, nor in the shadowy pitch of night, but in the gracious cool of the day: the gentle walking of God.

The Voice that spoke the cosmos to life, He now calls to us , a whisper in wind: Where are you?

God’s love longs for us.

When we are lost, God will go looking and when we are hiding, God keeps hunting, and it’s when we have fallen and sin’s fangs have pierced our naked hearts straight though, death pulsing hot through our veins like a poison, that God comes calling…. Where are you?

We’re only freshly wounded by sin when love drives God to come walking, to kneel down and reveal our remedy. God offers to forever heal us with this: a distant descendant of Eve will crush the sinful head of Satan.

Can you hear the whisper in the wind? Christmas has been coming right from the very beginning! We who are fallen and messy and bitten by sin will be bandaged and washed and made whole.

We who ate from the tree and tasted death, will feed on Jesus, bread from heaven, who came to die on a tree so that we can taste life. And we who in our sin are exposed and naked and ashamed and afraid of God, will have a lamb, Jesus, who will come clothe us in clean skin, drape us in purity, let us wear Himself, so we might run right home again, into the arms of God.

And this saddest part of our story? It sings with greatest passion of our Savior!

Lord God, “The Fall” says it all, our life in two words. But You have so much more to write in our story—for You wrote Jesus into our story, who keeps whispering to us all of Advent — “Where are you? Please let me come to you…”



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