Faith Update: Lust and Adultery


We’ve spent the last couple of weeks looking at Jesus’ teaching from the Sermon on the Mount. He’s taught about anger and our disordered excessive desires (or lusts).

Both of these are secondary emotions or reactions to other issues going on within us. Anger springs forth from our fears and unmet expectations. Our lust comes from disordered desires and excessive selfish satisfaction.
Our will-power will not be able to overcome these reactions. We’ve all tried to overcome anger and lust by focusing and trying harder. And in doing so we have failed, time and time and time again.
The thing which can change our reactions or responses is changing our attention and focus. To do this we must make use of spiritual exercises
To overcome our fear and unmet expectations we can begin to focus upon prayer and meditation of the following two spiritual truths:
1. I am a spiritual being in whom God dwells and delights.
2. I exist in a peaceable, unshakable kingdom of God.

Additionally, allowing our minds to “be still” will help us to live into these teachings and the presence of Christ. So silence and solitude are two spiritual exercises we can practice to help enter into his being.

Lust comes from disordered desires and excessiveness.  A prayer that can help is a prayer of gratitude and thankfulness for what God has given you each day. Spiritual practices that you can experiment with are simplicity and fasting.
May God be with you on this journey as you try to create space where you can commune with the transforming power of Christ, his teachings, and Spirit.
If you would like to learn more about the various kinds of spiritual exercises that you can experiment with in engaging the presence of Christ –  check out this link or this one.

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