All The Poor and Powerless

All The Poor and Powerless

You can watch the recap video from last week here.

Frank’s journey to understanding generous living continues. He is affected by his dream and determined to be more generous. An interaction with Re leads Frank to the soup kitchen, and Frank is encouraged to do more than pull out his check book. He finds himself working in the kitchen. Serving stretches Frank, and he finds that he has much to learn about helping people.

The soup kitchen gives Frank a taste of generous living and Re imparts wisdom that by becoming poor we are following Christ’s example. Jesus calls us to become poor and serve so that we can show them God’s love. And the question we are left with is, “Are you serving yourself, or are you serving others?”

Here are some other things to consider this week:

  • Describe a time when you saw someone in real need:
  • Scripture tells us that Jesus became poor so that we could know real richness. What kind of richness does that verse mean?
  • When Frank arrives at the soup kitchen, he would rather write a check than pick up a ladle. Serving was outside his comfort level but he soon discovered he enjoyed serving. How have you experienced the joy of serving?
  • This week, step outside your comfort zone and serve! How many times this week can you say “What can I do to help?”
  • Sometimes it can be hard to ask for help. Have you ever stopped to think that when you give others an opportunity to serve you, you are also giving them the opportunity to experience the blessing of serving?
  • In the wilderness, God allowed Israel to be hungry and thirsty. How was their need an opportunity to know God’s provision? Do you try to take care of your needs yourself, complain against God when you need, or see your needs as an opportunity to cry out to God and see His provision?
  • Sacrifice and serving can make us uncomfortable, but God is more concerned with your righteousness than your comfort. How do sacrifice and serving grow your faith?

We were introduced to a new song this past Sunday called, “All the Poor and Powerless” by All Sons and Daughters.   Let this modern hymn be the soundtrack for your thoughts, prayers and meditations this week.


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