Money: Defense


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We’ve all heard the expression “Money Talks”. I’m sure Frank will never hear the expression the same way again – and neither should we.  The Bible clearly teaches that money has a voice.

Frank has a dream in which he is on trial as to whether he loves God or money more. In Matthew 6:24, Jesus reveals money as His chief competitor. We cannot love and serve two masters. We will love and cling to or be devoted to one and hate and despise the other. The inspiration for this video came from James 5 where money is personalized (the corrosion of your gold and silver will testify against you/the wages of the workers will cry out), Matthew 13:22 and Luke 16:10-11, which speak to the character of money – it is deceitful and unrighteous. So, the competition between God and money asks us where is our trust, hope and devotion? It has been said that the only way to disempower money, is to give it away. Frank is found to be guilty of loving and trusting money more than God.

When the Holy Spirit begins to convict us of a lack of generosity, our first defense is to point to our giving just as Frank did.  But there is a bigger question.  How does our giving stack up against the rest?  We would all agree that you can’t show up to church once a week and sing the songs and say “Amen” but then live the rest of the week as if we didn’t know who God was.  But so many of us do that in our finances every day!  We give our offerings, or even our tithe, and then use the rest as if we didn’t know who God was.

The difference is clear in Frank’s case – to a comical degree.  How would your giving look on the witness stand, compared to your spending?  What would they say?  Or, like Frank’s other 90%, would they speak volumes without ever needing to open their mouth?

We are on this journey of generous living.  We need a life change; a heart change.  The point here is not to preach a poverty gospel or to villainize the wealthy.  Remember what we talked about last week:  It is not about how much you have, but it is about how we respond to God with what we do have.

If we can grasp this one principle, that God owns it all, we will take an enormous step on this journey.

Frank is guilty of idolatry.  It is that simple.  Christ is clear:  there is room for only one master of our life.  The issue for Frank is not his money, but his heart.  Are you seeing a theme here?

Generosity is not on a list of rules handed down from on high and it isn’t just a financial principle.  It is a response to the love of God.  When our hearts are aligned with the Father’s, we respond by loving others, and living generous lives.  Our money is the most obvious indicator of our hearts in this area.  It has been said time and time again – if you want to see someone’s priorities, look at their checkbook.

What master do you serve?  Money?  Yourself?  Food?  Status?  Power?

Or do you serve the one true Master?  Next question:  How does your life reflect that?  Could someone else tell who you serve by looking at your life?

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