God Doesn’t Need Your Money


Recap Video from Session 1

•       Webster’s defines generous: freely giving or sharing your money and other valuable things; providing more than the amount that is needed or normal; abundant or ample; showing kindness and concern for others. Which definition is the best and why?

•       How have you experienced God’s generosity in your life?

•       Describe a time when another person’s generosity blessed you.

•       Repeatedly in Scripture you are commanded to love God with your heart (feelings), your soul (security or comfort), your strength (the work of your hands), and your mind (your thoughts). Which area is it easiest to give God? Which is hardest?

•       When you first get your pay check, what is the first thing you spend it on?

•       Even gave his favorite toy. Describe a time when you gave sacrificially? How did it make you feel? What do you have that God may be prompting you to think about giving?

•       Do you want to give God your first and best or your leftovers?

Consider the statement “God doesn’t need your money.”   What does that say about the opportunity that is available then by the invitation we are given to join God and his church by putting it towards his mission, his kingdom?

Attached are a list of quotes and scriptures that remind us that God owns everything!

God owns everything

May you see God’s presence in EVERYTHING around you!

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