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This week we are introduced to Frank Donovan, a successful businessman, and his family. As he meets with his financial consultant, we learn he has a high standard for success but isn’t very concerned with giving. When missionaries return to the States with little, Frank’s wife commits to throw a welcome back party for them. Frank is less than thrilled. We are also introduced to Re, their gardener. He is a humble man who serves happily. When Frank’s son asks Re why he is doing more than his job, Re tells the boy about the sacrifices God’s people gave Him in Israel. Some people gave their best sheep while others gave their spotted, stinky sheep. Re says, “Which do you think pleases God? The spotted sheep or the best, healthy sheep? I want to give God my best.”

Re’s example impacts Frank’s son, prompting him to give his favorite toy to the returning missionary’s son. Frank sees the sacrifice and is humbled. He was going to give his old, worn out watch to the missionary…..That night, Frank got a glimpse of his heart and real generosity. The question we are left with is, “Do you give God your first and your best or your leftovers?”

Frank sees that his efforts and heart are not in the right place. The thrust comes from Matt. 22:36-40 where Jesus says the greatest commandment is to love God with all of our heart and to love our neighbor as ourselves. The metaphor we use is of a healthy sheep and a sickly sheep. Frank is convicted that he is not giving his first or his best to God or his neighbor.

May God be with you this week as you consider the “sheep” you offer to others.


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