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As we continue this week to realign our view of God with His Story that exudes his generosity, I share with you a few resources to consider.

George Buttrick wrote this story in his book titled Prayer,

A lecturer to a group of businessmen displayed a sheet of white paper in which was one blot.  He asked what they saw.  All answered, “A blot.”  The test was unfair, it invited the wrong answer.  Nevertheless, there is an ingratitude in human nature by which we notice the disfigurement and forget the widespread mercy.  We need to deliberately call to mind the joys of our journey.  Perhaps we should try to write down the blessing of one day.  We might begin: we could never end: there are not pens or paper enough in all the world.  The attempt would remind us of our “vast treasure of content.”

Read Joshua Becker’s attached article “How Wealth May Cost You More Than You Think.”  You can read more of Joshua Becker

How Wealth May Cost You More Than It

Also read from Momastery bloger, Glennon Doyle Melton, her article titled “Give me Gratitude or Give Me Debt.” 

Also check out for more resources on finance management tools.

And if your curious, explore your wealth in comparison to the rest of the world at or

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