When it comes to money, we have heard much from the Church.

But despite it’s best intentions, the Church hasn’t always said the right things. Sometimes it has said things that were manipulative, coerced, or intimidating. Maybe it offered promises that weren’t true of itself or of God.

On-the-other-hand, maybe what we heard, wasn’t what the Church was saying.

Perhaps there were times that we missed the point because we had our own misconceptions about money, or tithing, or faith, or the pastor, or whatever.

Have you ever spoken to someone and they misunderstood what you were saying?

Have you ever spoken to someone and you misunderstood what they were saying?  


We’ll be spending the next six weeks speaking about money.  But I want you to be aware that you don’t hear what I’m not saying.  (You might want to read that again…slowly.)

Let me help.  Here are somethings we are not saying:
  • We are having a pledge drive and need your commitment…we’re not saying that.
  • The church needs more of your money…we’re not saying that.
  • If you give, God will bless you…we’re not saying that.
  • If you don’t give, God’s gonna get you…we’re not saying that.
  • Regardless of your situation, give to God and everything else will work out…we’re not saying that. 

So what are we saying?

This is not about what the church can get FROM you.  This is about what the church, more specifically God, can do FOR you.

This of course comes with a better understanding of your relationship and understanding of money, and it’s place in partnership with God’s work in the world.  That power, money, and security are intertwined and go together.

To begin this conversation we started yesterday, I’d encourage you to track your expenses during this series.  See where you spend every penny.    The reality is most of us don’t know or don’t realize where we spend our money.   To know where we sit with it, we have to know where we invest it.  So start tracking it.   Right down every expense you have.  Likewise, keep track of everything that comes to you.  Make this a new habit, at least for the next few weeks.   You may also want to review the silent sermon from yesterday and consider the questions that were asked.  Take some time to write down some responses.


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