Coats for Kids

bob gregory

We have been partnering with the annual Coats for Kids event the last 5 years.   But it was last year when things changed for us.  One of our volunteers went for the first time to this event.  She came home with a heavy heart – while she loved helping families and kids pick out clothes, she was bothered that the event ran out of hats and gloves early in the day, leaving most of the kids and families to not get those additional pieces that are necessary for Hoosier winters.

However she left wanting to do something.  Motivated by what she saw, she set out to collect as many hats and gloves as she could before next year’s distribution.   When we heard what she was going to do, we wanted to come alongside her and support her in her worthy effort.  We set a goal of 1,000 hats – we thought it was a long shot, but thought if we could set the bar high, even if we failed to reach it, we’d hopefully have more than we anticipated.   We shared what we were doing and off we went to collect hats and gloves from garage sales, shopping the season ending clearance racks, and using simple looms and yarn to weave some hats.

I’m proud to say that we are three weeks away (October 17) from when we have to drop off our donations.  And to date we have collected a little over 1200 hats, 200 pairs of gloves, 25 coats, and 40 scarves.   The distribution day is October 20th.  You can sign-up to volunteer by registering at the link at  If you have a collection of hats, gloves, scarves, or coats that you want us to deliver on the 17th, please make sure they are at the Faith Community Campus by Monday, October 15th.

What an amazing outpouring of support from many people from all over who have helped to serve those who benefit from this event.  Thank you.

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